Stencil Design, Cutting, and Monu-Cad Lite made simple.

Welcome to Artistic Designs

We provide the Monu-Cad Lite! point of sale software with over 20,000 individual components as well as pre-designed monuments and markers and over 180 fonts.

We can cut and ship your pre-cut stencils to you or your finishing company.

We are highly skilled in custom memorial artwork and color renderings.

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Custom Memorial Design

Provide us with a picture and/or a rubbing of an existing memorial, conceptual artwork or a picture and we can recreate it for use in Monu-Cad Lite.

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Monu-Cad Lite Software

Monu-Cad Lite comes with a design package that includes an extensive library of components, predesigned memorials and 180+ blastable fonts.

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Emergency Stencil Cutting

If your stencil cutter is down for repairs or just can’t keep up, send us your files to cut and we’ll ship them the same day. Call for info.

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Why Artistic Designs?

Quality Material

We use only the highest quality of rubber sandblasting stencil from leading suppliers 3M and Anchor giving you the best blasting results.


With over 80 years of combined experience of headstone layout and design we provide some of the most finely detailed stencils available.

Turn Around Time

We understand the importance of meeting deadlines on-time, stencils are completed and shipped within one day for your peace of mind.


We produce 750+ stencils per week. We guarantee our stencils will meet your needsĀ or we will replace your stencil free of charge.

Discuss your Memorial Stencil Cutting & Design needs today.