Monucad Lite Software

Monu-Cad Lite is the easiest program to learn and use. Users can learn the basics of memorial layout and Monu-Cad Lite in less than a day. You can also use Monu-Cad Lite as a Point of Sale, designing the memorial in front of the customer and increasing your sales. Once the contract has been signed, email the design file to us and we can send it out. Generally the same day!

Unlike our competitors, our design libraries are installed on your computer – there is no need to be connected to the internet.

If you are not sure you want Monu-Cad Lite at this time but still want to try our other services, you can send us orders by fax or email. Simply purchase our design books and we will supply you with an order form. Fill it out with the needed information and fax it or scan and email to us. You will receive a proof within one or two business days. Once the drawing is approved and signed, send it back to us and we will ship you the stencils.

Our components are all scalable, most of them 20% of their original size and still blastable. They are also separated into individual category folders. No more looking through all the animals for that particular deer. Just open the Animals\Deer folder and scroll through the thumbnails. The same can be said for our predesigned uprights and markers. They are separated by type, shape and size.

We also include over 180 usable fonts. From the original stencil press letters to scripts, italics, old English and juvenile fonts.


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